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Advanced Detectors for Better Awareness of Neutrons and Gamma rays in environment

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The main aim of the project is to develop a portable highly efficient and large area neutron sensitive detecting device for measurement of composition and spectral characteristics of mixed radiation fields. The device development tends to use in environmental and health research with a special attention to radiation protection and medical use of radiation. It is also proposed to operate a system of multiple detectors in network controlled via a web interface. The project is based on established previous cooperation of all partners that are involved with already well-defined roles. For the project purpose a new compact multilayer silicon strip detector based on technologies and know-how on strip and pixel detectors available at SINTEF, and on experience with a broad exploitation of these detectors in IEAP CTU will be designed and developed. To read the signals from the compact multilayer strip detectors, the ASIC electronic chips will be used in connection to appropriate interfaces controlled by software developed in cooperation of IDEAS and IEAP CTU. Dosimetric partners from NRPI and CTU represent final users of the developed device. They will take care about device characterization, testing and calibration for specific applications within different radiation conditions.

Key words

silicon radiation detectors, strip detectors, pixel detectors, 3D semiconductor silicon structures, neutron detection, 6Li, 10B, polyethylene, mixed radiation fields, detection efficiency, radiation safety, radiation protection, dosimetry, medical use of radiation

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